• Local Municipality Procedures

  • CRBRA has initiated contact with building department officials in all local municipalities to request their plans for handling permits and inspections in response to COVID-19. We will update this list as responses come in. (Please note: This information is subject to change at any time without notice. CRBRA staff will try to update as we learn of any changes.)

    Quick view:

    Municipality Permits (Y/N) Inspections (Y/N) *Agree with our definition of safe structure
    Albany Yes (Email) Yes (On an emergency basis)  
    Ancram Yes (Mail, in person) Yes, in person Yes
    Bethlehem Yes (Email) Yes (Electronic or stamped plans) Yes
    Cairo Yes (Email, fax, mail) Yes, in person Yes
    Catskill Yes (Email, fax) Yes  
    Chatham Yes (Email, mail, drop box) Yes (open job sites, not occupied buildings)  
    Claverack Yes (Email) Yes (Photo, video)  
    Clifton Park Yes Yes  
    Colonie No No  
    Galway Yes Yes Yes
    Ghent Yes (Email) Yes  
    Glenville Yes (Email, mail) Yes, with limited contact Yes
    Guilderland Yes (Electronically, mail, in person) Yes (in person, with 6 ft. social distance) Yes
    Hillsdale Yes (Email) Yes (photos, video, in person)  
    Menands Yes (Email) Yes  
    New Lebanon Yes (email) Yes (photos, video, in person) Yes
    New Scotland Yes (Email/mail) Yes  
    North Greenbush Yes (Email/mail) Yes  
    Sand Lake Yes (Email/mail) Yes Yes
    Saratoga Springs No Case-by-case basis No
    Watervliet Yes (Email, in-person) Yes, in person with fewer than 10 people present  



















    *Column four: CRBRA contacted the all of the above municipalities on 3/28/2020 to ask if they agree with our interpretation of what makes a structure safe (roof installed, windows and doors installed, or boarded up.)