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    Full service Glass Shop and home design center.
    Exclusive ''California Paint'' dealer.
    Tile retail store.
    Custom Shower Enclosures.
    Wire Closet Shelving.
    Custom Laminated Closet
    Bathroom Accessories

  • All members of this Association shall agree to observe and be bound by the following Code of Ethics:

    1. Members shall not knowingly enter into any contract the terms of which are designed to imperil the rights of either labor or the supplier of materials to receive a fair return for the services or goods furnished.
    2. Members shall not obtain any business by means of fraudulent statements or by use of implications unwarranted by fact or reasonable probability.
    3. Members shall comply both in spirit and letter with the rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies.
    4. Members shall be alert to examine proposed or enacted federal, state, and local legislation related to the housing industry.
    5. Members shall not perform, or cause to be performed, any act which would tend to reflect negatively on, or bring into disrepute, any part of the home building industry.