• Green Building Science Group

  • 2018 Co-Chairperson -  John Ciovacco, President, Aztech Geothermal, LLC

    2018 Co-Chairperson - Karen Totino, Owner, Green Conscience Home

    Mission Statement:

    To be a green building resource to our members and the community, promoting up-to-date, accurate and practical applications of sustainable designs, products, and practices.  The Green Building Science Group hosts a monthly meeting on a variety of topics such as Energy Code Changes, Green Trends, Healthy Home Environment, Renewable Heating & Cooling, Net Zero Home Tours and more.

    All CRBRA Members are invited and welcome to attend any of the monthly meetings as posted on the CRBRA calendar (homepage of the website). Typically the meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month from 12-1:30 pm. Lunch is included in the nominal fee of $10 per person. Please RSVP for the food count.

    2018 Meeting Topics to include:

    January 23 - Houses that Work-TecSmart, Malta

    February 28, 4-5:30 - What has worked to meet Energy Code-Tips. Presented by Newport Partners & Stonehenge Associates

    March 22, 12-1:00 - Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation Options. Presented by Aztech Geothermal and Green Conscience Home (lunch included)

    April 25, 5:00-7:00 - Green & Sustainable Mixer & Table Top Displays

    May 17 - Field Trip - Time & location to be announced


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  • Think Green. Build Green. Live Green.

    Think Green.
    Think of your home as a system: Good insulation leads to better energy efficiency, but can have adverse affects on indoor air quality, so the home's ventilation is important, too. The materials used to build your home can affect its environmental impact. Talk to the experts at CRBRA: Certified Green Professionals and Master Certified Green Professionals can guide you through the building and remodeling process and help you make thoughtful green decisions. 

    Build Green.
    Home buyers go green primarily to save money on their utility bills. That doesn't have to mean expensive alternative energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines. Advanced technologies are exciting, but paying close attention to air sealing, using the right amount of insulation, and keeping good ventilation in mind are great ways to gain efficiency. Green building is also careful building.

    Live Green.
    NAHBGreen is designed to help buyers get the full benefit of a greener home. When buying or renovating a home, consider projects designed and built to a credible standard like the ICC-700 and certified by a trusted provider such as the NAHB Research Center. Then, take the time to learn how to properly operate and maintain your green home to achieve optimum performance now--and into the future!


  • What Makes a Home Green?

    Responsible lot and site development.
    The home is positioned to take advantage of heat and light from the sun. Natural site features are preserved and protected wherever possible.

    Energy efficiency.
    Appliances, insulation, doors, windows, heating and air conditioning, and the home's design work together to conserve energy resources and reduce utility bills.

    Water efficiency.
    Water heaters, toilets, faucets, and drought-tolerant landscaping conserve water inside and out.

    Resource efficiency.
    Materials are selected for durability, origin, and recycled content, while waste-management strategies reduce the environmental impact of the home's construction.

    Indoor environmental quality.
    Appropriate ventilation techniques, along with paints, sealants, and adhesives made without harmful compounds help improve a home's indoor environment for the entire family.

    Homeowner education.
    Because knowing how to operate and maintain a green home is just as important as building one!


  • ICC-700: The National Green Building Standard

    The ICC 700 National Green Building Standard is the national rating system of choice for consumers seeking authentically green and affordable homes, neighborhoods, and remodeling projects. The only standard for green residential construction approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the ICC-700 guides the design and development process to result in the features that buyers prefer and can afford. Projects must meet progressively more stringent benchmarks in energy, water, and resource efficiency; lot and site development; indoor environmental quality; and operation and maintenance education to achieve the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Emerald levels of ICC-700. Projects can be certified through the National Green Building Certification Program, powered by the NAHB Research Center. Learn more about the National Green Building Standard and project certification


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