• Future Industry Leaders

    The Future Industry Leaders (FIL) was started to encourage involvement for the young professionals in every level at CRBRA including networking, education and advocacy initiatives, leadership development and mentoring.   CRBRA’s Future Industry Leaders started in 2011.  Since that time, two CRBRA Presidents started with the Future Industry Leaders.  CRBRA Future Industry Leaders provide the CRBRA Board of Directors with guidance on ways to enhance the younger member’s association experience and provides insight on mentoring, leadership training and entrepreneurial and general education for emerging industry professionals.

    2017 Future Industry Leaders Chairperson:  Korey Flint Capital Painting Services

    Plans for 2017 Future Industry Leaders

    March Madness Social-Paul Perry Kitchens/Solid Surface Craftsman

    May – Druthers Brewery in Saratoga Springs

    September:  4th Annual Football Party to Kick off the Season

    October Pub crawl/architecture scavenger hunt with PWB--Saratoga